Thursday, June 30, 2011

Read around

But reading isn’t what she really wants. Not deep down. What she really wants is for someone – anyone at all – to tap her on the shoulder and invite her into their world. To ask her questions and tell her stories. To be interested. To laugh with her. To want her to be a part of their life.

But it isn’t even this connection with someone new that she wants most. At least not at the deepest level. At the deepest level, in the core of her soul, even fleeting connections with others seem to interfere with what she desires most. Which is to know that she’s truly loved. That she’s not alone in this world. And that whatever she was put here to do, in time, will be done and shared with others who care.

This is nor the beginning or the end of this story Where We Must Go When We Feel Lost and Alone.
But it is a story worth reading. I identify a little with it, and it makes me smile and feel sad at the same time, because I understand, I feel it, but I can sometimes overcome it.

There is also one of the comments that hits the point so accurately, and the question remains: how unsustainable are our lives?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is an older post, but in a sense I am still thinking about the basic questions, the first paragraph still applies.

March 15, 2011,
Do we date to find the perfect relationship or the a relationship evolves into the perfect everlasting relationship?
I mean you start dating someone, someone you like, whose company you enjoy, where there is chemistry, and all you are thinking is this is the man of my life or this is the man for me right now? are we always into looking for the man of our dreams or are we enjoying the man of our time? Mr right or Mr right now?

I don't know if I am explaining myself or just rambling, but this guy I am seeing now, I am having such a fun time, we enjoy each others company, we like talking to each other, we hang out, and so on, and today he asked me what was I looking to get from this, and all I could answer was to see where this goes, there is no finish line, I am not expecting anything but rather enjoying the ride. So it got me thinking...

June 29, 2011
So what has changed? I am now dating a guy that is not asking me this, a different guy that makes me happy and makes me glow, that is not asking me to tell him what I expect or where I am going, rather letting this flow, and letting me know that this may be or it may not be, but now it is. It is and we are happy. Right now we are for each other. :)